The latest Scoop !!!

The inspiration behind this project!!
To build a completely different vehicle with the look and feel of a Formula 1 race car. Imagine... driving an open cockpit, steering wheel in hand and paddle shifting at 10,000 rpm with the same acceleration as a ZX-14 superbike and doing so only 3.5" off the ground!!! All this with a passenger seated beside you!!! The dream is becoming a reality!!!

The Slingshot is a three wheel vehicle with two wheels in the front. The power and a few styling ques are from the Kawasaki ZX-14. This amazing custom vehicle retains enough of the stock ZX-14 frame that it is still licensable and insurable as a Kawasaki ZX-14 !!!

The Slingshot is available as a limited production vehicle.

Check back soon for updates...

List of events: Most recent at the top.

1. The windshield mold is complete. We have shipped it to F1 Windshields for them to manufacture our windshields for us.
2. We have received our first delivery of 2 Slingshot bodies from our fiberglass shop, Trick Powerboats. Jeff did an awesome job on the layup. Work is continuing, we are getting closer.
3. We have decided it is time to release the name of the T-3 project. T-3 has been the internal code name for our project. The actual name is Slingshot ! We believe this name helps to realize the feel and excitement we are building into our vehicle.
4. With the addition of onboard air, the Slingshot will be fitted with air jacks and at the touch of a button you can lift the vehicle approx. 4" off the ground for service work!!!
5. The Slingshot will run air suspension front and rear. Not only will it allow adjustable ride heights, we will also have adjustable dampening and rebound to fine tune the suspension system. Now we can set the ride height at 3.5" and if you need to raise it to enter a gas station, driveway etc... just push one button and increase the ride height to 6".
6. We have signed a deal with Trick Powerboats to manufacturer our composite parts. ( the main body and side panels ) Their quality and attention to detail is what helped to make the decision. We are glad to have them as a part of our team.
7. Construction has begun on the composite body prototype, we have refined the front spoiler with better aerodynamics and designed a ergonomically comfortable cockpit
8. The chassis design and build is complete and waiting for the composite body